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#include <inttypes.h>
#include <openobex/obex.h>
#include "obex_auth.h"


typedef int (*auth_verify_cb)(void*, const uint8_t *pass, size_t plen);

struct auth_handler;
00011 struct auth_handler_ops {
      /** Get the number or realm available by this handler
       * @return number of available realms or a negative error number
00016       int (*get_realm_count)(struct auth_handler *self);

      /** Get the realm name
       * @param id a zero based sequential value
       * @return an UCS-2 encoded string
00023       const uint16_t* (*get_realm_name)(struct auth_handler *self,
                                int id);

      /** Get the challenge options that are valid for a realm
       * @param realm the realm
       * @return a bitfields with the allowed OBEX_AUTH_OPT_* bits set
00031       uint8_t (*get_realm_opts)(struct auth_handler *self,
                          const uint16_t *realm);

      /** Verify a user/password pair in a given realm
       * @param realm the realm to verify in
       * @param user the user value (no format implied)
       * @param ulen size of the user data
       * @param cb callback function to verify the password
       * @param cb_data the first argument for cb
       * @return 0 is verification failed, else 1
00043       int (*verify)(struct auth_handler *self,
                  const uint16_t *realm,
                  const uint8_t *user, size_t ulen,
                  auth_verify_cb cb, void *cb_data);

      struct auth_handler* (*copy)(struct auth_handler *self);
      void (*cleanup)(struct auth_handler *self);

enum auth_state {
      AUTH_STATE_NONE = 0,

00058 struct auth_handler {
      struct auth_handler_ops *ops;
      enum auth_state state;
      struct {
            uint8_t nonce[16];
      } *session;
      void *private_data;

struct auth_handler* auth_file_init (char* file, uint16_t *realm, uint8_t opts);
struct auth_handler* auth_copy (struct auth_handler *h);
void auth_destroy (struct auth_handler *h);

int auth_init (struct auth_handler *self, obex_t *handle, obex_object_t *obj);
int auth_verify (struct auth_handler *self, obex_headerdata_t h, uint32_t size);

#endif /* OBEXPUSHD_AUTH_H */

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