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#include "net/core.h"
#include "auth.h"

enum net_obex_protocol {
      NET_OBEX_PUSH = 0,
      NET_OBEX_FTP = 1,

struct net_handler;
00014 struct net_handler_ops {
      obex_t* (*init)(struct net_handler*, obex_event_t);
      void (*cleanup)(struct net_handler*);

      void (*set_protocol)(struct net_handler*, enum net_obex_protocol);

      /* Functions to implement authentication
      int (*security_init)(struct net_handler*, obex_t*);
      int (*security_check)(struct net_handler*, obex_t*);

      /* Writes the peer address string
       *   "<protocol>/[<numeric address>]\0"
         * to buffer and cuts at bufsiz.
         * The return value is the valid length of buffer
       * or a negated error number (see errno) on error.
      int  (*get_peer)(struct net_handler*, obex_t*, char* buffer, size_t bufsiz);

      void (*disconnect)(struct net_handler*, obex_t*);

00036 struct net_handler {
      struct net_handler_ops* ops;
      void* args;
struct net_handler* net_handler_alloc(struct net_handler_ops *ops, size_t argsize);
void net_handler_cleanup(struct net_handler*);

struct net_handler* bluetooth_setup(char* device_addr, uint8_t);
struct net_handler* irda_setup(char*);
struct net_handler* tcp_setup(const char*, uint16_t);
struct net_handler* inet_setup();
struct net_handler* usb_gadget_setup(const char* device, time_t timeout);

00052 struct net_data {
      obex_t* obex;
      struct net_handler *handler;

      /* auth */
      int auth_success;
#define AUTH_LEVEL_OBEX      (1 << 0)
#define AUTH_LEVEL_TRANSPORT (1 << 1)
      uint8_t auth_level;

      uint8_t enabled_protocols;
struct net_data* net_data_new ();
void net_init (struct net_data* data, obex_event_t eventcb);
uint8_t net_security_init (
      struct net_data* data,
      struct auth_handler* auth,
      obex_object_t* obj
int net_security_check (struct net_data* data);
void net_security_cleanup (struct net_data* data);
void net_get_peer (struct net_data* data, char* buffer, size_t bufsiz);
void net_disconnect (struct net_data* data);
void net_cleanup (struct net_data* data);

#endif /* OBEXPUSHD_NET_H */

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