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#include <inttypes.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

/* count the number of used elements (NOT characters)
 * This works independent of byte order.
size_t utf8len (const uint8_t* s);
size_t utf16len (const uint16_t* s);

/* copy the UTF-16 string to a new allocated one
uint16_t* utf16dup (const uint16_t* s);

/* convert to network byte order and back
void utf16_ntoh (uint16_t* s, size_t len);
void utf16_hton (uint16_t* s, size_t len);

/* Count the unicode characters
 * (does _not_ check for validity)
size_t utf8count(const uint8_t* s);
/* s MUST be in host byte order */
size_t utf16count(const uint16_t* s);

/* convert between UTF-8 and UTF-16
 * UTF-16 values MUST be in host byte order
 * returned pointer must be free'd and is
 *          in host byte order
uint8_t* utf16to8 (const uint16_t* c);
uint16_t* utf8to16 (const uint8_t* c);

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